Dalgona + Boba = Dalboba

I’ve been documenting my cooking adventures on Instagram, and I thought I would showcase and share them here as well!

Dalgona Coffee has been all over my Facebook feed the past month, and I finally whipped up a cup of my own! I’m not a fan of coffee and milk, so I made a version with boba milk tea as the base, topped with Dalgona Coffee cream.

Time Taken: 10 minutes



  1. Boil tapioca pearls.
  2. While the tapioca is boiling, boil some water in a kettle.
  3. Put equal parts instant coffee, hot water, and granulated sugar into a mixing bowl. I used 3 tbsp of each and mixed with a hand mixer. Hand whisk works as well.
  4. Remove tapioca pearls and let it sit in sugar or honey for a few minutes.
  5. Use the remainder of the boiled water to use for the milk tea. Pour in cup, mix well, and add ice to cool.
  6. Add the tapioca in the milk tea, top with the dalgona coffee cream and enjoy!

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