Sydney Highlights

Bondi to Coogee Walk – Beautiful beach-side walk starting from Bondi Beach all the way to Coogee Walk. There’s a few coves and smaller beaches along the way. The walk is about 3 miles long and will take the better part of your day. We spent the afternoon here and took little picnic breaks along the way.

Taronga Zoo – Buy your tickets online beforehand for a discount! And bring your student ID. There are some really weird animals in Australia, so it’s worth it to stop by. Highlights for me were the platypus and wallabies. Take the ferry back to the city! You’ll get a gorgeous view.

Sydney Opera House – Hang out by the Opera House bar. The drinks are a bit pricey, but it’s a good spot to sit in the sun, listen to some live music, and hang out.

Lil’ Darlin – Drop by here for some happy hour! We just happened to walk by and pop in. Best idea ever! Happy hour drinks for $10AUD and small pizzas for $10AUD. The drinks were ok, but the Peking Duck Pizza was BOMB.

Sydney Fish Market – The fish market is a cool place to check out. A lot of options to pick your seafood fresh and have it cooked. The prices are definitely higher than I had expected and I enjoyed the experience, but the Melbourne markets were definitely better for oysters and small seafood snacks.

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