A Weekend in New Orleans

I started work last summer and it’s been a hectic 9 months. As a consultant, I have a few travel perks (free flights!!), so I’ve been taking a few weekend trips here and there, within the U.S. Last week, I went with my friends Judie and Vanessa to New Orleans and we couldn’t have loved it more. 😍😍 Cannot wait to come back again and stuff my face with seafood and listen to jazz by the river.

New Orleans

☀ 3 Days 🌙 3 Nights
📅 March 2017: 3/24/2017 – 3/26/2017
👯 2 friends
💵 Total Individual Spend of ~$400

The architecture, food, culture, life of the city enchanted me with all it’s history and personality. It was like being transported into a different time. Parts of it really reminded me of St. Louis while others made me think of San Francisco — it’s that unique and cohesive architectural look that brings it all together.

Day 1

I arrived in New Orleans Friday morning, ready for a full day of working remote from New Orleans. I stopped by the French Quarter for a look, grabbed a cold brew at📍Spitfire Coffee, then headed for 📍Crabby Jack’s for some po’boys (well actually I got a Seafood Platter). One of my roommates is actually a New Orleans native and recommended this place to me. The food was amazing — the fried oysters were H U G E and so juicy. I couldn’t finish it all in one sitting, so I packed it up and ate it later in the middle of the night after some heavy drinking. They do have wifi and charging outlets all along the restaurant, so it’s a perfect place to hole up for 2 hours and enjoy seafood while doing some remote conference calls. 😂

In the evening, I met a friend at the rooftop bar in the 📍Hotel Pontchartrain called 📍Hot Tin. The view was beautiful and I highly recommend!

Day 2

Judie and Vanessa landed on Saturday morning, and we made our way to the 📍Café Du Monde for cafe au lait and beignets. We each tried a different kind of cafe au lait (frozen, cold, or hot) and shared 2 orders of beignets (there are 3 beignets in each order).

Pro tip: don’t wait in the ridiculous line in the front. There are no rules for seating. It’s kind of a free for all. So just be on the lookout for an open table and sit down! There’s also a to-go on on the back-right side, out of a window.

After our breakfast at Café Du Monde, we went on a walking tour of New Orleans cuisine with Free Tours by Foot with our tour guide Renée Whitecloud. It was super informative and fascinating how the style of food evolved over time and how each culture influenced the food. I still can’t really tell the difference between Cajun and Creole food but I know they both taste amazing — oops 😂😂😂

We lunched at 📍The Royal House and grabbed another round of beignets at 📍Café Beignet and then took a little break before heading out for the night. Etouffee is officially my new favorite dish.

In the evening we went out on Frenchmen Street and enjoyed some live music. (I say “enjoyed” but really I blacked out pretty early in the night.)

Day 3

Woke up and rolled into brunch at 📍Basin Seafood and Spirits on Magazine Street (Uptown). We were all pretty dead after drinking the night before.

After brunch we stopped for coffee at📍Ignatius and then📍Sucré for desserts. The Jasmine Tea macaron was to die for.

Afterwards, we accidentally snuck into 📍Mardi Gras World, a museum with past floats from previous Mardi Gras festivals. Tickets are usually $19.95 or $15.96 if you have a college ID. Maybe one day I’ll actually get to see the floats in action… but for now this is all we got 😂

From Mardi Gras World, we walked along the Mississippi River back to the 📍French Quarter to check out some Voodoo and eat dinner at 📍Pere Antoine’s. More crawfish etouffee!! And seafood!!

No trip to New Orleans is complete without visiting📍Pat O’Brien’s. The 3 of us shared a Hurricane and a Cyclone. Very tasty, but I think I preferred the Cyclone.

Then we passed out from all that sugar and alcohol… and then went back out to Frenchmen Street. We started at 📍The Spotted Cat Music Club. The jazz band was mesmerizing. I could have watched for hours.

Right beside The Spotted Cat, there’s the 📍Frenchmen Street Art Market where local artists are selling unique arts and crafts.

We wandered over back to the French Quarter on to the infamous 📍Bourbon Street. There’s a lot going on, but I couldn’t partake in drinking, since I had a 5:30am flight the next morning. Saw a sign for a crawfish boil and we jumped at the chance. Nothing like a good ole’ fashioned crawfish boil in New Orleans. 😍😍

I took a 2 hour nap and headed to the airport. The view of the boats along the Mississippi River from my window seat on the plane was an absolute treat:

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